I believe that like many other enjoyable things in life, art appreciation comes with experience and certain intellectual foundations.

I believe that art creation is at the intersection of imagination, intellectual development and work, hard work.

I believe that the maximum attainment in art is never achieved, but eternally sought, because no work of art is a last statement of anything. Sometimes it is the beginning of something unexpected.

I do believe that the true artist encompasses in his/her work, nature, culture, animals and human beings, and that his work reflects the interaction of all objects within the universe.

Any artist might found a moment of crisis in his/her life. Far from being a disgrace, crisis might be an opportunity to leap onto another level of creation. And hard work and perseverance are the way out onto meaningful creation.

Even when an artist establishes firmly as such, his work never ends. Transcendence is the ultimate goal of any human being and there are a number of ways one can attain this. For me, painting is my way of looking for meaning in life.

Long live Art. Without Art, life in the earth would be unbearable.